Three Reasons To Go For Triple Glazing

Feb 8, 2017

Triple glazing was relatively unheard of and unused in the UK until a few years ago when home improvements companies like Crystal Clear began integrating the product into their respective ranges.

Before gaining prominence in this country it was heavily utilised (and still is) in Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway who experience freezing temperatures for much of the year. The unprecedented rise in household fuel over the past decade or so led to demand for triple glazing over here.

If you’ve never considered having it installed at your home then here are three reasons why those three panes of glass could make a massive difference:

Superb insulation

It’s estimated that a triple glazing window offers 35% better energy efficiency than a double glazed window so just how imagine how much lower its u-value is compared to an old traditional single glazed window. Most triple glazed designs provide a u-value of just 0.8 which means that it allows just the tiniest fraction of heat to escape whereas single glazing lets it escape far more freely, hitting you where it hurts most, in the wallet!

Never go cold

All those draughts and cold spots caused by single glazing will immediately disappear upon the installation of triple glazing so that the entire house benefits from a sustained warm temperature. You’ll never have to worry about putting on extra layers of clothing again and most importantly, you can give your heating system a rest for large parts of the day.

Peace and quiet

There’s nothing more frustrating than being disturbed by outside influences when inside your home e.g. traffic, nearby pedestrians. The thickness of the three panes of glass will vastly reduce noise pollution so that you can rest up in perfect peace.

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