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Composite Doors that Provide Peace of Mind

To make the most of modern materials and manufacturing techniques, we have created a range of composite doors that are a great addition to any home. Made from a super-strong combination of materials, including UPVC, wood and insulating foam, these doors are one of the strongest types currently available. Proud of our reputation as of the leading and most-trusted manufacturers and installers of composite doors in Lanarkshire, we do everything we can to reduce how much composite doors cost you.


Strength Matched with Styling

Because all doors, especially external doors, must be secure, we strive to create doors that cannot be opened from the outside when locked. Thanks to their unique construction and the addition of secure locks and great finishes, all of our doors are guaranteed to remain strong and secure for many years. What this means is that your new composite doors will not only stay looking great in the future but they will also give you lasting peace-of-mind. Available in a variety of bright, lasting colours, as well as authentic-looking wood grain finishes, composite doors can be easily matched to any color or style you require.




A composite door is no good without some beautifully styled and functional hardware; a door lacking a high-quality letterbox, handle or locking system is of no use to the contemporary homeowner. The accessories you choose need to be as effective as the door frame and should give the overall design a huge aesthetic lift. We have an extensive hardware range with countless different colours and variations available so that you can determine every element of the final design.

Energy Efficiency

A quality door will eliminate any heat loss and cold spots; helping to drive down the cost of energy bills as well as reducing your carbon footprint. The energy efficiency provided by the panelling, door frame and glass units contained within the design will help make your home a more comfortable place to live; regardless of the weather outside.


It should come as no surprise to you to find out that the composite door is one of the most thermally efficient door designs available. When draughts form in the house it is usually because the door is insufficient and inefficient so you need to get it replaced and a composite is a fantastic solution to the problem. Not only will your residence feel significantly more comfortable, but you can also expect the cost of your energy bills to drop sharply as a consequence of its installation.

There’s a colourful composite for every property type…

We have the usual conventional array of composite door colours such as blue, red, black and white, as well as a wide selection of more contemporary favourites including chartwell green and grey. If you’re look for a composite design that looks exactly like traditional timber then you best check out our oak and darkwood finishes which share all the aesthetic characteristics of a wood effect door. A two tone colour is paired up with a moulded woodgrain, something that is achieved during the unique colour application process.

Doors can be supplier with a patterned or textured backing glass…

In addition to supplying doors with a plain glass, you can also opt to have a patterned glass design to give your door personality and enhance your privacy. Don’t be mistaken into thinking that you will lose a certain amount of natural sunlight as a significant quantity of it will still be able to pass through the glass. We have a number of patterned options including Sycamore, Autumn Leaf, Digital or Cotswold.

See some of our composite door projects

Take a look through the composite doors projects we’ve completed for some of our happy customers, or visit our projects page for a broader look of other types of projects

Large Orangery with Bifold Doors

A super modern orangery adds a sleek style to this large property. Aluminium windows, 2 sets of aluminium bifold doors and a very long lantern roof...


Full Height Solid Roof Conservatory

The glass to floor feature of this large conservatory could also be though of as an extension or garden room. A red tile roof and along...


Double-Hipped Orangery

Wide and full of light, this double hipped orangery features two hips with UPVC windows and french windows, which allow freedom of movement in and out...


Vertical Sliding Windows & Composite Door

These white UPVC vertical sliding windows and composite door were crafted in Georgian style to complete a traditional look. These windows allow full control of the...


Why Choose Us?


As part of commitment to first-class customer service, we have a large production capacity and modern fleet; ensuring we can get you what you need quicker than anyone else. Whilst never compromising on quality or materials, we do everything we can to reduce how much composite doors cost. So confident are we of the quality of our thermal windows and the expertise of our fitters that we offer an incredible 20-year guarantee; double that of our competitors.