A Brick Porch Entrance to Your Home

Brick porches are a great addition to a home because they offer so many different benefits. From a styling point-of-view, brick porch designs come in a range of styles and can therefore be made to effortlessly match the existing look of your home. This allows you to create an extension to your home that appears to have been there all along. Available in a variety of brick colours, we will have no problem getting the right match for your home. Because there is so much variety, brick porches can also be created in a different colour to your home; providing a striking, contemporary contrast.

The use of brick also has another advantage, that of strength. Thanks to its age-old reputation as an excellent material for construction, brick porches enjoy a reputation with many as being the only choice. With a solid construction and excellent workmanship, our brick porches will not cost the Earth and yet will remain looking as good as new for many, many years. Thanks to the inclusion of modern materials, brick porches offer incredible energy efficiency. This allows you to keep the traditional look and feel of your home whilst benefitting from modern levels of insulation and energy efficiency.

We have more than 25-years of experience providing people with bespoke porches in Lanarkshire. As such, we will do everything we can to make the entire process as quick and painless as possible; allowing you to simply relax and wait for your great new brick porch.


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The porch you have fitted should not be subject to building regulations if the current front entrance to your house remains in situ which will help avoid any delay in installation time. It will be an extremely secure addition to your home as the windows and doors included in the design feature high security hinges and handles, multi-point locking mechanisms, anti-bump/snap cylinders and dog bolts, just like you would find in any regular windows and doors. This will give you added confidence when leaving any valuables inside.


You will find a porch to be an invaluable add-on to your home as it will become the area to keep any coats, shoes and other forms of outdoor clothing safe and handily placed each time you leave the house. Because it will be so heavily utilised it is vital that it is fully energy efficient and it will be as it will include the very finest double glazed windows and doors, and a hugely dependable roofing system. It will feel as warm and cosy as the rest of the home which you’ll be pleased about every time you return to your abode. Porches are regularly used as a placed to take off and put on their shoes, coats and other outdoor clothing, particularly in the winter months.

Cost Effective

Many of us aspire to own a conservatory or orangery, more so than a porch as it tends to be more of a functional form of investment. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t become as priceless as a home extension as you can expect to use it time and time again. Its presence will enable you to use it as a storage point and prevent other areas of the house from becoming overly cluttered and cramped full of belongings, particularly useful if you have a large family. The windows, doors and Warm Roof work together to keep the patio thermally efficient too.

Our roof tiles share a similar durability to the real thing…

We offer two types of Warm Roof covering; lightweight tile and lightweight slate. You will be mightily impressed by just how alike out lightweight slate looks to natural slate, aided by the five colour options it’s provided in. You’ll also be pleased to know that each covering is also totally weather-proof too as well as aesthetically-pleasing.

Lightweight Tile

The lightweight tile we provide for conservatories, orangeries, porches and many other styles of home extension can be fitted with the upmost ease and needs virtually no looking after. You also have plenty choice in terms of colour with options of charcoal, ebony, umber, red and green so finding a finish the suits won’t be a hard task.

Lightweight Slate

There’s no denying the aesthetic qualities of traditional slate but where it does fall down is in the amount of maintenance you have to input to keep it in good order as cracking, delamination and gradual wear and tear gets hold of it. Our lightweight slate shares the look of traditional slate and thankfully needs none of its time exhaustive upkeep. It even features the plateaus’, curves and peaks of natural slate and comes in an incredible 20 colour options including brick red, pewter grey, stone black and plum.

Colours to Complement

Our lightweight tiles come finished in five different colour variations so that you can locate a solid roof that complements the roof tiles that sit on top of your home. They may be called ‘lightweight’ but you will be pleasantly surprised by just how durable they are, just as you’d expect of a stone-coated steel.

Planning Permission

Generally, most porches are classed as being a ‘permitted development’ and not subject to any planning permission requirements which means that the installation process can be conducted quickly and efficiently. Porches categorised as being a permitted development meet the following guidelines; (1) the internal ground floor area does not exceed three square metres; (2) no part of the porch is more than three metres above ground level; (3) no part of the porch is within two metres of any boundary of the dwelling and the highway.

Building Regulations

Likewise to planning permission, most porches are exempt from building regulations if they are less than thirty square metres in size when measured internally. The main front entrance door between the existing house and new porch much remain in situ, and the new porch must not adversely affect any ramped or levelled access. Needless to say the fitting of glazing and any fixed electrical installations much comply with the relevant section of building regulations.

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Our Porches Range

UPVC Porches

A UPVC brings strength, durability and low maintenance benefits whilst giving your home a grand new entrance.

Brick Porches

We’ll create a porch that adds value and functionality to the home using bricks that match your property.

Aluminium Porches

An aluminium porch will be suitable if you already have aluminium windows and brings added strength.